Board of Directors

The NADP Executive Board and Administrative Office will maintain a range of activities designed to increase potential members' knowledge of NADP and its conferences and other activities. The Board and Office will also actively seek new staff groups who might benefit from our activities.

In undertaking those activities NADP will seek to collaborate with other appropriate organisations (eg those with aims similar to NADP) and engage proactively with other professionals across the sector.

Paddy Turner ( Chair )

Paddy trained as a British Sign Language Interpreter and successfully completed a degree in the subject from Wolverhampton University. He has worked at Sheffield Hallam University since 1998 in just about every facet of disabled student support from support working as an interpreter or note-taker, through co-coordinating support, DSA needs assessment, advising, teaching, writing, training and researching - he is now an education developer focusing on inclusive practice. He believes firmly in keeping the aim of creating an inclusive student experience as the guiding principle in all that he does and is having a ball tackling the cultural and practical change agenda within learning, teaching and assessment.

Having been part of the initial working party that gave birth to NADO in 1999/2000, he has enjoyed returning to the Board of the more mature and now well established, NADP. He represents NADP in both the BIS and SFE Stakeholder Groups, and has been an active member of the accreditation scheme working group. Paddy tries at all times to work on behalf of members, reflecting your views and representing your interests. He believes in building good relations, working collaboratively and listening with an open mind to different viewpoints and opinions

Mat Fraser (International Ambassador)

Mat Fraser is a multi disciplinary performing artist and writer, presenter, and occasional conference chair. He has been working in the world of disability portrayal in the arts and media for over 25 years, and became president of the NADP when asked by Nicola Martin and Beverly Fraser, because he passionately believes that young disabled people should be given more not less chances as they negotiate the world around them, and the NADP are a wonderful umbrella organisation that can really give that help




John Conway (Treasurer)

John ConwayDr. John Conway has been Disability Officer at the Royal Agricultural University since 1999, managing the support provision for disabled students, mainly with dyslexia, and also responsible for developing inclusive teaching, learning and assessment strategies.

As a full time academic he also has a direct impact on teaching and assessment methods through membership of the Learning and Teaching Enhancement Committee and the Academic Board, as well as contributing to a project team working to develop holistic student support services.

John believes very strongly that access to education is a fundamental human right not to be restricted by irrelevant dis-abilities. He joined the NADP board in 2006 to help to drive this agenda forward.

John has recently been appointed as Chairman of STEM-DC, a committee composed of representatives of the top sicentific societies, which aims to identify and remove barriers to participation in science, tehcnology, engineering and maths subjects.

John is also a member of the executive comittee of ADSHE, the body representing the interests of dyslexia tutors in HE.


Nicola Martin

Dr. Nicola Martin has just taken up her new post at London South Bank University Formerly the Director of Wellbeing and Disability Services at the LSE and an Honorary Visiting Fellow at The University of Cambridge working on a project with Professor Simon Baron-Cohen. Prior to the recent LSE appointment she was a Principal Lecture at Sheffield Hallam University leading the Centre for Disability and Diversity Studies and The Autism Centre.

Nicola has a very strong commitment to disability equality as a human rights issue and important aspect of social justice. She has worked in education with disabled people across the age range continually since 1976, has 4 relevant degrees, a range of specialist qualifications and a string of publications which articulate a social model perspective on disability.

Research interests include inclusive practice in further and higher education, emancipatory work with students who have Asperger syndrome, and disablism in performing arts. She has lectured in Australia, New Zealand, USA and many UK universities.

Val Morgan

After returning to study as a mature student and graduating with an M.A. in Industrial Relations/Employment Law, Val worked as a consultant, which included representing people taking cases for unfair dismissal at Industrial Tribunals; advising Personnel departments regarding policy; carrying out Health & Safety surveys.
In 1987, she entered the world of education, and worked in the adult, further and higher sectors over the following years as a case worker and then finally as a Head of Service.
Since 1988, Val has set up and developed 3 Disability Services in 3 different institutions, beginning by working alone and then expanding the services and managing a team of disability support staff.
In 2008, Val returned to her home town of Bournemouth as now works as a freelance DSA Assessor.
A member of NADP since its inception as NADO, Val has served on the Board for several years with specialisms in conference and personnel matters. Many of you may well know her as one of the people on the registration desk at most NADP conferences!
On the Board of NADP, she hopes to continue to contribute to the work of the Board and members, drawing on her 25+ years experience, in order to support their invaluable work with disabled students and staff, often in difficult times and situations.

Karen Robson

Karen Robson, Disability Service Manager at Cardiff Metropolitan University, established the Disability Department at Cardiff Metropolitan University in 1998 to respond to the needs of disabled students and has responsibility for the development of policy and provision for currently approx 1400 disabled students, in addition to managing the Assessment Centre.
She has also provided lecturing input on education courses delivered at Cardiff Metropolitan University and undertakes staff training both at Cardiff Metropolitan University and on behalf of other institutions/organisations within a wider consultancy remit, presenting at UK and international conferences.  In 2002 she co-authored and published 'Accessible Curricula: Good Practice for All, which was disseminated throughout the UK HE sector by the forerunner to the Higher Education Academy as sector best practice guidance in addressing the duties under SENDA.  She has also developed a range of good practice resources, including undertaking research on behalf of the Disability Rights Commission. She was Chair of Skill Wales between 2001 and 2006 and sat on both the Skill HE Working Group and Skill Council until its demise in 2011. She joined the NADP Board in 2005.
Karen's extra curricula interests include supporting disabled veterans and she advises the GB Army on the rehabilitation of disabled soldiers in Wales.  With a long standing interest in international development she undertakes voluntary work in Rwanda annually, most recently advising on mental health provision for students.

Elaine Shillcock

Elaine has worked in post-16 education for over 25 years, both in further and higher education.  For the past 12 years she has led, managed and developed the disability service at the University of Manchester which has responsibility for supporting both disabled student and disabled members of staff.  Elaine has knowledge and experience of both the DSA and Access to Work processes.

Elaine has a postgraduate qualification in Management Studies and is a member of the Chartered management Institute and is an Accredited Member of NADP.  She has also trained as a mediator and is a member of University of Manchester mediation service.

Martin Smith

Martin has worked with disabled people for over 40 years, orignally working in Mental Health Services he qualified as an Occupational Therapist and worked fo rover 20 years in social Services departments as a Senior OT, Team Manager, Commissioning Mangager, Head of Adults Services and Director of Disability Services (including, briefly, working as Acting Director of Social Services)

Martin then joined Brunel University in 1999 to set up their service for disabled students.  Starting from a single-handed positoin now Brunel has one of the largest teams in the country.  It also has a large group of support workers, an assistive technology centre and three assessment centres so that the full range of services can be offered to students on the one site.  This holistic range of support services was always the aim and has been very well received by its users. The service won the Times Highers award for Services to Disabled Students when it was last awarded in 2008 and at the annual audits in 2014 all three assessment centres managed my Martin at Brunel, Royal Holloway University of London and Buckingham New University were given pass ratings of 100%

Martin has always been a staunch adovate of the Social Model of disability.  He retired from Brunel at the end of 2014 and nwo works as a Disabilty Consultant.  he is also a trustee with Disability Rights UK and with a large local association of disable people (DASH) in Hillingdon.  Martin also carrie dout quality assurance proof reading of needs assessment reports.  He was a member of Skill's Council and thier HE working party and joined NADP at the starting of NADO in 2000.  He has been an external examiner and also worked on HEFCE and ECU projects on inclusive teaching and on disabled students participation.  Martin led on the production of hte first DES at Brunel and has spoken at manh conferences int heUK and abroad on legislation and good practice, on setting up nad developing services, on access and on may other disability related matters.

Martin is on two NADP sub-committees: Conference Planning and on the Accreditation Scheme group.


Christine Werrel

Christine Werrell is the Disability and Dyslexia Service Manager at Cardiff University. The Service offers students a full range of support and includes the DSA Assessment Centre Cardiff.

Christine has worked in several areas of disabled student support since 1999, including study skills tuition, DSA needs assessments and disability advice. She was the Disability Co-ordinator for the University Wales College of Medicine, having responsibility for institutional policy and developments, before the College merged with Cardiff University. Working in a small specialist health focused HEI has given Christine an interest in the relationship between professional bodies, disability discrimination and education.

Christine believes in creating an inclusive environment in which disabled students feel supported to face the academic challenges of higher education and completed her MSc Equality and Diversity research project on the inclusive curriculum. Christine was Chair of Skill Wales and member of Skill Council from 2006 until its demise in 2011.

Mike Wray

Mike Wray is the disability manager at York St John University. He was previously senior policy officer and national co-ordinator for the National Disability Team (NDT) and in the context of widening participation with Action on Access.

During his time with the NDT he oversaw 23 HEFCE-funded projects in a range of HEIs in England which developed disability services and numerous resources within higher education (HE).
He has also worked as the project manager of a highly successful CPD project which developed online modules and resources for teaching and learning staff in HE.


John Harding

John Harding is the Head of the Disability Resource Centre (DRC) at the University of Cambridge. The DRC is the University of Cambridge's student service for disabled students and those staff supporting disabled students. John is also a member of the University’s Disabled Staff Network.

John has worked as a practitioner and managed teams of specialists in the field of disability support in both further and higher education for the last twelve years and during that time has worked on the development more inclusive and supportive policies in relation to disabled students.  This has led to significant changes in institutional policy with a demonstrable positive impact on the experiences of disabled students. John was also one of the Steering Group members (with professor Simon Baron-Cohen, Dr Nicola Martin and Joanna Hastwell) for a major research project focussing on the support of students with Asperger syndrome/autism in Higher Education. John holds a PGCE in Adult Literacy and also holds the Postgraduate Diploma in teaching and assessing Specific Learning difficulties.

John also has a Masters in Development Studies and worked as a volunteer teaching on the Angola/Namibia border in Africa for three years 1998-2001. He supports Bristol Rovers and is the manager of his daughter Katie's football team (Histon Hornets).

Elizabeth Bassett

The Open University

Carolyn Hunt

Disability and Wellbeing Adviser, Institute of Education, University of London

I am an accredited member of the NADP and I have worked with disabled students in a variety of teaching and research universities for the past 14 years. I am passionate about ensuring that students are appropriately supported to achieve their potential. I believe that appropriate support is that which encourages the increasing independence of the student throughout their undergraduate and postgraduate studies so that they can determine and realise achievable goals.

Throughout my working life I have continued to train and develop my skills to support students with a wide range of sensory, physical and mental health conditions together with gaining qualifications to support those students with specific learning differences. My MA in Online and Distance Education included modules on accessibility and supporting disabled students to access educational materials; in depth study of the Equality Act 2010; and specialist tuition and assessment for literacy difficulties including dyslexia. I also designed and carried out research to identify whether there was a problem with student take-up or continuation of dyslexia support sessions at X University by examining the experiences and expectations of some of the main stakeholders involved with the aim of developing university policy. Currently I am studying for an educational doctorate and researching potential sources for the variation in disabled postgraduate students' expectations of disability services.

I am employed by the Institute of Education as the Disability and Wellbeing Adviser with the role of advising both staff and students on disability, diversity and equality. I serve on the academic board and attend committees and working groups to advise on accessibility issues and other matters related to equality and diversity. Externally, I represent the Institute on the AccessHE disability group and regularly attend conferences and trainings in order to keep my knowledge updated and to share new information with the rest of the team.

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